Foods & Ingredients (Polillo)

Orders are available for: 

  • Delivery 
  • Pick up
  • Dine-in


We deliver to:

  • Poblacion P10,
  • Atulayan P20,
  • Banadero P20,
  • Sibulan P15,
  • Tabag P15

Free delivery minimum of 70 Pesos: Poblacion, Sibulan, Tabag


Store Hours:

Monday - Friday 9am-7pm

Saturdays 9am-6pm

Sundays close


How to buy:

To buy single food, choose your food and click "buy it now" button

For more orders use "Add to Cart" button

For Dine in use only "Add to Cart" button

.. . for your order instruction  use "Add to Cart" button 

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